New Work: Ubiquity of coaching?

„Have you recently been asked to do onlinecoaching? Coaching without any sales-effort?“ „Yes! You too? What do you think? Sounds tempting and comfortable… but I don´t know…“ This or a similar dialogue may have happened more frequently in the coaching community. While coaching has been a quite personal relationship for a long time, used for high level managers, senior executives, corporates for individual or Team development this may have changed now already. Thanks to the sustainable results coaching has shown, the demand for it has been growing in the last decade. This could be observed in one of the biggest potential marktes China as well as in some western and matured markets. Like every product coaching experiences a development into a wider usage and the economic challenge of growth of volume and a possible erosion of prices. Since coaching is a very individual thing by origin it needs thorough preparation and post-processing by the coach, which should be paid properly by the clients. The pricing constitutes a barriere for many clients to offer it to more middlemanagers. Although the possible effect is valued by the upper management levels and HR, the investment is often an obstacle. Having said that the relatively new new distance learnings system seems to create new opportunities for the profession of coaching. Online-coaching via Video has been used when it was feasible and accepted by the client to bridge temporary distances between the coach and the coachee. As a channel it has been used rather conincidently than structured. Now Organization from other fields of education influence the coaching market with a very simple mechanism. For example language-schools (like #ILE, #EF, a.o.) use video-classes to teach and develop language-skills for quite a while now for middlemanagers in international corporation and for private persons. Platforms like #pluma are specialized in this field. The effort for the clients is less, they don´t have to go somewhere and the collection of a class in teamcoaching is much easier, which enables lower prices per person. Same for the teacher. Other examples are learning platforms like udemy or coursera. The digitalization shows it´s advantages. And now coaching. Why not offering the same easy-to-access principle for coachees? This possibly opens a huge new market for both sides, coachee and coach, because limitations are less, efforts are less, investments might be slightly lower. Coaching across the globe can be the new normal if the research will further aprove the outcomes of distance coaching. The results so far show that distance coaching can make a similar impact as Face-to-Face Coaching. Alone the the somatic marker and sensing by the Coach may be affected due to the distance. A PCC Coach of #ICF recently judged this as less distractive and therefore an advantage for Distance-Coaching.

A bright future for professionel coaches and better opportunities for middle/junior managers to grow ahead?

Axel and his company akcc works internationally with individuals and organizations as a facilitator of transition and change. Coaching, mentoring, facilitation and Training are used by Axel and his collaborators in Asia, Africa and Central Europe Axel also works in the field of systems thinking.

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