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We celebrated our first sharing event in Hamburg, together with the African-German-Business-Network (AGBN) of Joe Hopper. During the session with an inspired and active group of participants my Co-Founders Anja and Olaf shared their personal experiences working with coders and developers in Kigali/Ruanda and Nairobi/Kenia.

The audience was not only interested in those experiences and how the level of trust and resilience proved to be. These two topics are raised often when we discuss our distributed service offer in Germany. Many people in Germany just do not know much about the African Continent and the (Working-)Cultures there. An energizing part was to compare a little between the collaboration with currently more common areas like India, Ukraine, Romania etc. The group found out that the described work attitude of our developers fits quite well to the Central European work-style. As an advantage the not existing time difference has been perceived.

During the discussion and why we talk about win-win-win (1. Creating workplaces in East Africa and help people to grow, 2. clients saving money by doing good at the same time, 3. creating sufficient cashflow in our company for running the business and for next investments) another point was of interest for the audience. Since we connect developers from at least two different countries we create another “bridge” and more understanding. This is our winning point #4 and we were happy to create this awareness in this workshop with the AGBN.

Thanks to all participants, Anja and Olaf for coming the long way and Joe for support!

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