We are really excited and happy! The first step is taken!

Recently we officially started our Impact Incubation / Acceleration Program with our pilot company: Rwandan based Umbrella. A local Start-up offering an innovative App- based approach to sexual reproductive health for women. Covering not only monthly-cycles, but also the full pregnancy-cycle.

We will be working together closely with Fileille Naberwe, a 20-year-old student at African Leadership University and CEO of Umbrella for the next months.

Since our format is a lot about effectiveness, modern collaboration and reducing our footprint, we try and keep things as lean as possible. So of course, our first workshop was web-based, which was great and an asset rather than an obstacle.

Aside of getting to know each other better, we had the chance for a very productive brainstorming, identifying areas of need and to tab into further. We agreed follow-up steps and ways to cooperate.





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