Interesting and inspiring HR Summit “New world, new work”​ by GIC Shanghai


“Change is the new normal”, “Technology – made by humans for humanity”, “Systemic Wirearchy”, “Don’t waste my time (millennial in China) “,”Our brain, the fastest computer with 2 power processors”, “Leader as a Lighthouse”, “Everyone is important to unleash the full potential of an organization”

Those are some quotes extracted from the speeches, panel discussions and workshops at the 2018 HR summit in Shanghai. It was a packed agenda with lots of inspiring topics such as

  • Technology and human-centered organizations, AI in HR and the rise of creative collaboration (by Christian Kuhna)
  • Millenials in the workplace (by Prof. HAN Zheng)
  • Neural Parliaments in your head – science behind thinking and thinking-transformation (by Eveline Goodman)

and many other topics covered in workshops about Digital Leadership intelligence; HR operating model for the future; engaging todays talent for tomorrows business; how AI is changing the Talent game; legal frameworks for personal assessments; IT security

The final closure panel brought up many learnings and some additional questions. Basically it was about how we human beings can utilize our capability & capacity to optimize the collaboration with the technology and AI-driven workforce. It is important to see the interdependencies of all influences and act accordingly not with quick fixes but awareness, acceptance, prioritization and transparent decisions.

It was a great pleasure and honor to serve as chair for the HR summit 2018 and the result of a great teamwork with @lenamueller, @christinemueller, and their great team, thank you!!

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