Case Studies



A Manager in a international supply Chain Service provider moved into a new position. The new position added some requirements like networking with Top-Managers, influence peers and (internal) clients, strengthen the accountability of vendors, set clear goals, communicate clear but friendly.


Achievement: The coachee developed Self-Awareness for strength and weaknesses, found a different perspective to the business and created an inspiring story about the departments tasks. By sharing this story with Peers and the Team, the Team got much more involved and engaged. As a return the Motivation of the Coachee increased significant. As a consequence the Coachee finally was invited to an exclusive international Top-Management-Program.


A chinese High Potential Middle Manager in a Multinational Environment wanted to quit due to overwork and following Exhaustion. This affected his business and private life, so he wanted to escape the situation. His Company offered him Leadership Coaching.


Achievement: The Coaching Process supported the Coachees Efficiency and delegation skills, followed by better Work-Life balance, happier Life, better Team performance, self-developed opportunities for Growth.


The China-Subsidiary of a international Company wanted to increase the engagement of employees. Together we worked out a customized program and delivered the measures. During the process we worked with Individuals and Teams and used Coaching and Workshops. Together with the Management we created criteria to measure the result.

Achievement: A clear picture what the Company stands for has been created. Managers found a guideline what Employees can expect from the company, and what is expected from them. The interdependencies of the organization became clearer. the improved knowledge and realizations of the management team increased the Teamspirit and their Engagement. The data measured showed an average improvement of 30% within 7 month.